Sanders Meats

Joseph T. Sanders founded the family meat business back in 1925, delivering his homemade products in a Model T Ford. The Sanders Hams were well received and quickly gained in popularity and increased distribution. With the increase in demand for the old fashioned Sanders Ham came the need for more processing area, and many expansion programs throughout the years, with modern equipment and renewed enthusiasm for more Sanders Ham . We know that there is only one time-tested way of making a truly authentic old-fashioned Sanders Ham , and that method has not been compromised over the years. Our Sanders Ham are still made that way today for your eating pleasure. Sons and grandsons, and now great-grandsons, have joined the business in keeping Sanders Meats a proud family tradition for over 90 years.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 8AM – 5PM

Sanders Meats are available locally at Shop N Save grocery in Ludington

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Custer Michigan

237 Custer Rd
Custer, Mi 49405 

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