Omage Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasting since 2012.
We buy ethically sourced beans and believe in empowering people from farmers to baristas to consumers before making a profit.
We sell direct trade single origin whole bean coffee from around the world.

We believe in fair treatment and payment to our coffee farmers and suppliers and that’s why we purchase coffee that pays 50-100% above Fair Trade prices, which are higher than the C market. Unfortunately fair trade is not always fair. If these issues matter to you when you buy coffee make sure to do a little research into the coffee company you buy from to be sure that the farmer’s that grow the coffee you are drinking are being taken care of and that all not just some of their needs are met.

Available through, or
email Omage Coffee Roasters:  [email protected]
(231) 690-3175

Also available at Table 14 Restaurant in Ludington and to purchase at Evergreen Market and Humanitea of Ludington as well as Starving Artist Brewery,

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