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Making your life sweeter, one jar at a time! We want to reeducate your palate to the real flavor of local fruit with out preservatives or artificial additives.
We make sweet &/or spicy jam, bread,dip mixes, homemade granola. Visit our farm, taste samples of our products, check out our gift baskets!
We are a Michigan fruit grower with 40 acres, less than a mile from Lake Michigan.  The fruit we use comes from our farm or from other dedicated farm families in this area.  Our products taste unique because we take the time to capture the true tastes of West Michigan fruits.  All of our products are made when the fruit is fresh and in season; therefore we have limited quantities.  We preserve as much as we can in the time we have.  If you see something that you really enjoy get it soon because it may not become available again until the following year.  We use heirloom recipes, passed down through the family.  Only the finest ingredients are used, no artificial flavors or sweeteners or chemical preservatives.
From the farmers fields and orchards to our kitchen to you.  Hope you enjoy these products and look forward to serving you soon.
Lois Gieleghem, Jamlady
30 flavors of local Jams, Preserves and Butters. Grandma’s Bread Mix and Dip Mixes. Gift Baskets made to order. Handmade kitchen items.

Apple Jumble: a mixture of apples, cherries and raisins, ready to pour into a baked puff pastry. Voila! Instant dessert.
Apple Preserves: like they used to be made with chunks of apples, real lemons and spices.
Apricot Jam: just tree ripened apricots, sugar and pectin. Wonderful.
Black Cap Raspberry Jam: made from the first black raspberries you find early summer.
Blueberry Jam: the freshest berries, made ripe by the Michigan sun, sweetened and captured in a jar. For toast or warmed with ice cream.
Brandied Cherries: ripe Bing cherries, canned with sugar and brandy.
Caramel Apple Butter: made from Rome and Greening apples, slow cooked, then we caramelize the sugar and add a special blend of spices.
Cherry Pie Jam: with fresh cherries from the orchard, this tastes like cherry pie without the crust. Watch out for a pit or two.
Cherry Pepper Jelly: Cherries, cherry juice ignited with jalapeno peppers. Yum!
Cranberry Apple Preserves: cranberries and green apples mixed with a bite of orange.
Cranberry Banana Marmalade: we mix the tart taste of cranberries with sweet banana.
Elderberry Jam: an old family recipe

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly: use as a hors d’oeuvre spread on crackers with cream cheese. Great accompaniment to bbq meats.
Peach Jam: tree ripened, plump, juicy Red Haven peaches make this jam a winner.
Peach-a-Peno Jam: It’s peach with attitude! Try it yourself and see if you don’t love it!
Pear Honey: Our own pears ripened to perfection, combined with pineapple and sugar. Great on toast or eat it straight from the jar.
Raspberry Jam: Home grown raspberries cooked with pure cane sugar for a taste of summer.
Red Onion Marmalade: Try this on a bagel. Red onions, combined with dried cranberries,  orange peel, sugar and apple juice .
Plum Preserves: made with just a touch of cinnamon. Warm it for your favorite ice cream.
Rhubarb Ginger Jam: spring rhubarb cooked with sugar and Australian crystallized ginger root make this jam a “Sweet-Tart” treat.
Strawberry Jam: strawberries picked in the early morning and in the jars by afternoon.
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam: an old fashioned favorite we all love.
Sweet Black Cherry Jam: large, black Bing cherries from our orchard with no preservatives.
Triple Berry Jam: strawberries, red and black raspberries combine for a appealing taste.
Wild Blackberry Jam: hand picked, with out preservatives, some of the seeds are removed.

The Jam Farm Store

In addition to all the jams, preserves and butters we make,  The Jam Farm Store carries other locally made products such as Bates Maple Syrup and locally made Honey.

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